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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Romper Project

So yet another late night project.  I started this project earlier on in the week.  I had drafted the pants pattern with a Master Pattern pants kit I got from my Nana in 11th grade.  I hadn't really used it or read the instructions up until this week.  I didn't quite understand how to connect the dots so I made a few things up as I went along.

I had this lovely fabric sitting in my boxes for the past year I believe and I was never quite sure what I was going to do with it.   I picked it out of the remnants bin at Fabricland while on one of my adventures with Skye.  The piece of fabric cost me about $1.50 and I think it was maybe a yard and a bit, but I didn't bother to measure before I started cutting it up to make the romper.

The pattern I made originally had the waistline at the natural waist (just below my belly button) but I chose to lower it because I prefer pants that are around the high hip.

Earlier in the week I had the pattern drafted, the front and back pieces cut out and sewn together and waiting for me to decide on what the top would look like.  Unlike some of the other things I make, this one didn't really have a plan.  I just wanted a romper, and knew it was going to be shorts.  I had no plan for what I was going to do for the top, whether or not it would have straps, straight or sweetheart neckline or even if it would need a belt.

This is what I came up with.  In the picture you can't really see how long the shorts are, but they are I think mid thigh.  I added the belt to the romper (it's not attached) because I didn't like what the seam where the shorts were attached to the top looked like.  I have no idea what the fabric type is, but the romper itself is pretty soft, the belt a little stiff, but does it's job.  I wanted something to also cut the purple and black florals up a little.  I'm thinking I want to add pockets to it, but maybe to the next romper I make, since I believe that I will be making more of these.   I don't think I'll make all of them shirred, since my shirring isn't the straightest thing in the world (you can't tell just by looking at it though)  I just made most of it up as I went along and it turned out well, in my opinion anyway.  Not too sure when I'll wear it out, but I think it's casual enough just to hang out in.
Without the Sash
The Side view
The back, and the angle makes my bum look
huge.. it's not that big.
A close up of the top and the straps.

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