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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ruffle Purse

I decided today that i was experimenting with some of the fabrics that I had in my stash from the remnants bin and leftovers from previous projects.  I ended up making a ruffle purse.  My inspiration came from a dress that I made for my friend Amanda last year.  I had maybe a quarter yard of her dress fabric left over, a  thin white cotton with a delicate off white swirl print (It's not prominent in the photos though) and I felt something with ruffles would be nice.  I had Skye take some in progress photos for me just so I could possibly replicate it later or make a tutorial.

I started my measurements with a 9 inch zipper, 6 inch height and went from there.  The sides taper in at the top and it's fully lined with a purple polka dot fabric and has a small pocket on the inside.  I've put it in my silkfair store (you can find the link here)  I didn't have enough fabric to make 4 layers of ruffles (I would have liked to) but I added a ribbon trim instead.  There's a 21"inch strap and I tried my hardest to make the ruffles even.  Here's the photos.
While it was still unlined and no zipper (an in-progress photo)
Here it is finished, the front and back are identical

The inside, not sure if you can see the inner pocket.
with the zipper open.

I put it on to show a size comparison.

I hope you like it.

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