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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bathing Suit

I finished the bathing suit I started.  I doubt I'm going to wear it. may give it to my mom.  It's kinda made
the way she likes it, no clasps to deal with, although I may make a new set of bottoms for it...  Not completely feeling this pair to be honest.

Clearly the mannequin doesn't do it justice, not the right size in any way, and it's got no bum to fill out the bottoms.  I'm planning on finding a dress form in the future with legs and a bum so I can fit stuff like this.  I think I did pretty well for a first attempt at the lingerie pattern that I got a while back.  the first time I raided my Nana's pattern and fabric stash.

With some of the construction, I had to improvise.  I only have page 3 of the pattern instructions, so half are missing,  and it clearly wasn't a pattern meant to be made of spandex.  I didn't have lingerie/pretty elastic, so I made it covered, I didn't use lace for the inner half of the bra, I used the same fabric, so that's also a factor.  I am contemplating making boy shorts for the suit, but I'll have to make that myself, or maybe a swim skirt... hmm.. decisions, decisions... I've always wanted another swim skirt...  I actually just noticed that one side of the top is the cheetah print and the other is the florals, interesting how different one piece of fabric can look with a few cuts and stitches.  once I find the appropriate model, I will post better photos of the top. and possibly a new pair of bottoms.

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