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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paper Star Bracelet Tutorial

Supplies needed

  • Paper (regular 8.5"x11" or scrapbook paper 12"x12")
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scissors -or-
  • Exacto knife -or-
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting mat
If using scissors, on the back side of the paper mark lines that are a half inch apart with a pencil or pen.

Green polka dot paper for my example
Cut out your paper strips with scissors,
or an exacto knife/rotary cutter and a straight edge.
I did these strips ages ago, you will want lots of colour and designs. 
In the case of plain paper, you may want to print or draw on designs or colours, white stars look just fine, but if the end use is a bracelet or charms then you will want either a solid colour or design to add some flare to the final product.

Photo Tutorial after the video:

You will want to start with a single strip of paper.
take one end of the paper and fold it over so the angle looks like this.  The angle is 54 degrees, if you want to get all mathematical about it, otherwise just go by feel.  the initial fold you want the strip to measure about 2 inches along the shortest side.
flip the paper over and fold up the short end to look like this.  the edge of the paper should meet up with the corner of the original fold. The gap between each point should measure 1/2".
flip and fold over again, following the same angle.
Finish the base pentagon, should look like this.  if the end of the short strip is really long, you may want to tuck it into pentagon itself or trim it.  in this case it was just fine.
Take the tail end (the long piece) and tightly wrap and fold it around the pentagon.  make sure the design end is on the outside.
This is close to the last folding step. making sure to maintain the pentagon shape.  At this point you want to tuck the end into one part of the pentagon.  in this case, it's too long to tuck in, and too short to fold over again and tuck on the other side.
You can trim the end.
Tuck in the loose end.
like this.
Push the end in so it's flush all the way around, and it should look like mine.
In order to turn your pentagon into a star you will need to press in the edges.

use your thumb
or index finger to press in the edges.
It will now look like this.
Star Done.

For a bracelet, you will need the following:
Elastic thread and a Needle with a large eye
Spray Gloss is optional but makes it a little more durable
Lots of paper stars
You will want to choose enough stars to go around your wrist, and choose a pattern that looks nice (or just choose all different stars)
Thread your needle with the elastic thread, the eye was just large enough for my elastic.  You want to ensure that the eye is not a whole lot larger than the needle itself or the holes will be too large, You will need a double strand of elastic ensures that it won't snap. I wouldn't recommend using plastic jewelry elastic because it snaps too easily.
For my bracelet I used 12 stars.  It fits the average wrist.  for a small child I would use between 8 and 10, for someone with larger wrists 15 could work.  This also works as a necklace, but I would recommend using a larger needle than the double strand of elastic so it slides more freely.
string the stars onto the needle through a divot on the side of each star and out through a point opposite of each star.  repeat for remaining stars.
you want to thread the elastic back though the first star to make it into a bracelet.

Tie off the elastic.
Trim the ends
And you're finished.
unless you want to glaze it that is.  It makes it slightly more durable, but isn't necessary.

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