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Monday, September 12, 2011

Doll Costume - In Progress

I have yet to finish my fashion drawings tutorials, I'll get back to that soon enough (once I get my room all cleaned up again) but for now I'd like to show you a few of the projects that I've been working on.

This post will be focusing on Skye's Doll costume for Halloween.  It started out with a pink and green gradient fabric that we picked up at fabric land, it looked really cool.  so I took that and we decided to do a pink to green fade from top to bottom, meaning that the top half is the pink and the bottom half is tiers of green

with a large sash tied in a bow at the back.
I put 8 self covered buttons

(i used pink shank buttons with fabric circles gathered around it because it was cheaper than buying covered button kits, and I could make the buttons match the dress.  the bottom has a scalloped hem,

which was my first attempt at scallops, and I under estimated exactly how much rounded sewing, cutting and ironing there would be.
I added some decorative stitching to the sleeves, which I tried to make a poofy as possible

as per request by my lovely sister. (unfortunately you can't see the poofy-ness here)
There was an obnoxious collar that was added as well, I practically freehanded the draft and cutting of that, I laid the front bodice on some pink fabric, traced the neckline, and freehanded the collar shape after that. I finished all the inner seams with my pinking shears.  the bodice was made using the Simplicity 9001 pattern that I got ages ago, and the size we used was a child's 14, so I added a total of 5 inches to the entire pattern to accommodate my sister not being the size of a child.
There still has to be a petticoat and pantaloon made.  the Pantaloons will have lace at the bottom and that I'm going to be making with the pattern 9769 by Simplicity from the Fashion Historian line. and the Petticoat i'm going to be making will be made from the tutorial here by Sugardale (I also used this as a basis for the skirt half of the dress.  When she comes to get this for Thanksgiving (in Early October) I'll ask her to take some pictures for the blog with her makeup and everything.  The only thing we can't quite agree on is whether or not she wants to be a marionette (which would involve one more element to the pattern) I'm thinking lace fingerless gloves and some stockings that I can attach strings and a puppet handle.

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