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Friday, August 3, 2012

Ruffle Skirt and Pleated Shirt

I know, I'm really bad at this whole blog thing sometimes, but I've got a good reason for it.  about 2 months ago I got a new job at Stitch It, the tailoring company as a seamstress part time and I just finished semester 2 of the fashion design program at my college.

I just wanted to update you on some of the things I did this semester in school, it was a pretty intense 12 weeks, the last 5 especially.  we ended up making 3 complete garments, that had to go together, and I have been posting 2 of them all around the internet. I don't want to bog this down too much with writing, but I have posted photos of both garments on the dress form and on myself, the shirt is a little tight on me, but I can rock it :)

Each student had to design, draft, sew a muslin, adjust patterns and then resew in fashion fabric a skirt, shirt and pants, these are the shirt and pants.

the only thing I don't like about the shirt is that on the good version I sewed the pleats backwards, I'm gonna have to fix that (I didn't actually realize they were backwards for weeks and not even when I handed them in.)

Thanks for reading.. In the next few weeks I will probably be posting the mod cloth rip off dress that I promised months ago, I just have to pick the right fabrics.

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