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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I was making a Tutorial but...

I got roped into working at the shop that my uncle owns for the remainder of the week.. Hopefully I can get it finished by the weekend (I may have to buy more felt :S)  It's for a tiny top hat tutorial, my own version of it, so check back on the weekend for my 

Tiny Top Hat Tute (I hope).

I also wanted to make a tutorial on a dress that i'm planning on making, but I haven't even designed it yet.  It may just end up being a skirt, but the fabric I have for it is really pretty. It's a diagonal Purple, Black and Grey plaid, The lighting here is really off, 
it only cost me $2 at Fabricland. I love the remnants bin :)

Should I make a cute little dress out off this or a skirt...

Decisions, decisions...

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