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Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Week Update

I really suck at keeping up to date on my blog.  I have been pretty busy with Halloween for the past couple weeks, with the movie costumes (hopefully photos are coming soon - still waiting on my sister's email), and my sister's Doll Costume ,

I finally finished the pantaloons and petticoat and mailed it out to her the weekend before halloween.  I am not quite sure if she was actually wearing the petticoat for halloween though.  I finished work on my friend

Danielle's halloween costume as well, a very cute version of Sailor Mars,

This is the only photo I have for now.. a separate post will be done for this costume once I get photos from all angles.

 and for myself, I ended up making my Build-a-Bear Monkey, George, a cute little pinstripe jacket
(pin striping done by myself) 
a little top hat out of a cereal box, felt, ribbon and some feathers to top it off
before Adding the feathers (this was taken the night I made it)
After adding the feathers, I think it's got a distinguished look to it.
I have decided to ask people to save cereal and pasta boxes for me to make hats out of, because:

A) it's recycling,
B) if I make these for people, I can't eat that much cereal and 
C) Even if I just make these for myself, you can never 
have too many hats (especially the small ones)

Also, I went out with my brother on Halloween: This is what I looked like:

It really is me :)  I'm probably going to be making a tutorial some time this weekend, either finishing up my colouring tutorials on youtube, a water marbling video if I can find a suitable tripod substitute, or maybe a mini top hat tute if I decide can decide on a colour/design.  I'm debating a mini Mad Hatter.

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