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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Month Away

A Month Away…

So I’m clearly not the best at keeping up with my craft blog, I haven’t really had time to make up new tutorials or sew things in the past month.  I was without internet for a couple weeks, and my sewing machines for one.  I started working on some knitting, a cute little lace look dress.  It’s supposed to look like this but you can’t really see the pattern from the one lace pattern I have knitted so far.
I decided to create a tutorial on how to draw and colour some fashion drawings or drawings in general. It will be in parts because I don't want to bore the world with a super long post.  I had taken a class at college where my teacher had told us “You all have been colouring since you were children, but, you don’t know how to colour.” It was interesting to hear that fact but looking at my projects form 2 classes that I in the same semester Technical Illustration (TI) – where my teacher told us we didn’t know how to colour was on Mondays, Design and Colour (D&C) was the more artistic class and I had it scheduled on Tuesdays. If we take a look at my first projects in D&C

 and the last,

 there’s a dramatic difference between the two.
  TI taught me what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of drawing and colouring.  For example, did you know that when colouring in something black, you don’t start with black, or the fact that when colouring something white, you need multiple tones of grey as well.
 Unlike the rest of my class, I had one sheet in my book that I dedicated to the swatches and colouring techniques that I could use a reference instead of having them on each assignment, granted, it was also partly because I didn’t have the same size book as everyone else did.

While the rest of the class had a 14X17 inch book of bond paper (a brand of tracing paper)  I had an 11”x14” book, which did help since it fit in my backpack a lot better.  We learned everything from plaid, to lace to animal print, leather, tulle, sequins ect.

Some techniques involved a bit more planning like sequins needed white paint or a white out pen, and tulle or sheer fabrics needed pencil crayons.  I think I’ll make this into a series so I can teach all the colouring techniques I learned in that semester.  The mediums I used were Markers, water colours, pencil crayons and a little bit of gouache (pronounced g-wah-sh) which is like a thicker tempera paint.  Look forward to the upcoming parts of my Drawing and Colouring Tutorial.

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